Virgin Islands

Richard Branson’s Resort on Necker Island

The term holiday itself brings joy and a feeling of relaxation for many people. However, the level of ecstasy will be enhanced if you choose the right place. If you are looking for a great place to spend your time, Necker Island is a perfect choice. In this post, let us look at the things which make this island stand out from the rest.

Sir Richard Branson owns the 74-acre island resort, and you can call this place a heaven on the earth. You can come here with your family and friends to enjoy this island in the Caribbean Sea at the outer end of the British Virgin Islands. It is very close to Virgin Gorda and The Bitter End.

british virgin islands
Sunset in British Virgin Islands, of which Necker Island is a part

What Can You Do on Necker Island?

This paradise-like island offers a variety of activities to encourage spending quality time with your family, friends, or team. Relaxing is allowed to.


A wedding is a special occasion, and everyone wants to make it unique. We bet that if you choose Necker Island as your wedding spot, your wedding inevitably becomes one of the most memorable days of your life, even more so than it would be anyway. Since every wedding is unique, you will get the option to choose everything, including dinner, lunch, and accommodation of up to 200 guests. The beachside wedding and the night party on this island are exceptional. 

Water Sports

Whether it is a team outing or a family trip, fun is the primary thing to look for. And on Necker Island, you will get an abundance of fun and excitement with a variety of water sports. Are you scared of water? don’t worry, the expert team at Necker Island provides all safety measures and makes your time memorable. Unlike many resorts, you don’t have to be satisfied with a small number of fun games. So, do you want to know what is in the store for you on this Island? Then have a look at the list below.

  • Kite Surfing 
  • Water-skiing and wakeboarding
  • Sailing
  • Paddleboarding
  • 8 Man Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • SubWing

Underwater Adventurous

Do you want to get a little more adventurous? Then you can immerse in the seawater and test your skills in the adventurous underwater activities. However, as usual, you need not worry about safety measures. You can choose scuba diving or snorkeling or both to explore the beautiful coral reefs around the island and enjoy the colorful fish and other sea creatures. 

On Land Activities

If seawater is not your favorite thing and you prefer to spend time seeing the sea rather than plunging into it, you can indulge in plenty of activities. The activities listed below are available to while away your time on Necker Island.

  • Island Walk
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Fitness coach 
  • Pools
  • Beach Olympics

Spa Treatments

Indeed, just staying on Necker Island itself is a very relaxing thing to do. But you will get more options to make your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable. You can get beautiful Samudra Spa treatment rooms to enjoy the fabulous treatment with incredible ambiance. 


The party never ends on the fantastic Necker Island. If you are looking to party instead of sleeping and relaxing, there are a wide variety of parties. You can indulge in different types of parties each night for a memorable experience. It includes UV Night, Casino Night, Moroccan Night, Disco Fever, and Beach Party. Of course, you will not get the chance to feel bored on Necker Island. If you still doubt it, visit and try it for yourself. You might even get a chance to meet Richard Branson.

A drone’s eye view of Necker island
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Resort Ventana Big Sur Review

Big Sur is known to be some of the most ideal locations for hiking, beach swimming, and camping. Tourists from all over the country and the world go to Big Sur for a much-needed vacation. In this review, we will talk about Ventana Big Sur – a luxury coastal resort located in Big Sur California.

big sur california
Big Sur, California

We will talk about the step-by-step experience in Ventana to further detail some of its pros and cons. Hopefully, you get the gist of what you will get if you stay at Ventana Big Sur.


Booking at any hotel shouldn’t be a hassle nowadays especially now that everything is done online. With Ventana Big Sur, booking is such a breeze. You can book a suite directly from their website or you can give them a call.

Note that Ventana charges an additional $50 experience fee per night you stay.


You can only expect upscale and high-end luxurious accommodations at Ventana Big Sur. You have an overwhelming list of options to choose from. You’re offered sophisticated, rustic luxury with Ventana’s accommodations. From fireplace guestrooms, big suites, forest shower suites, spa suites, hot tub suites, villas, cottage houses, and coast houses.

Expect to always stay connected to the beautiful outdoors of Big Sur at any type of accommodation at Ventana. Bask in the unspoiled views of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in the distance with great views of the sunset.

You can kick back with a warm drink while watching the wildlife and birds from your balcony. If you feel like it, you can also relax in a hot tub in one of their hot tub suites nestled within the lush forests and greeneries.


You can’t run out of things to do when you stay at Ventana Big Sur. Whether you’re an indoor buddy or an outdoor junkie, you will certainly find an activity suited to your liking.

You will experience a luxury dining experience like no other at The Sur House – Ventana’s expansive and exclusive restaurant headed by Executive Chef Keith Potter. Their 10,000-bottle cellar and their unique authentic California Central Coast cuisine are the ones to beat.

Land or sea, you will find a worthwhile activity to do during your stay. From cycling, kayaking, hiking, surfing, windsurfing, to kiteboarding – there’s plenty of activities for everyone.

big sur sunset
Sunset at Big Sur


Enjoy luxurious privacy and seclusion when glamping at Ventana. Meanwhile, discover your inner peace with the Alila Spa. With lots of relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments, you’ll get lost in the pampering. All of this while enjoying the scenic views of the outdoors.

If you’re into excursions, Ventana makes it easy and convenient for you to explore the wonders of Big Sur. Just simply call the front desk and they will arrange everything for you.


A stay at Ventana Big Sur resort is such an overall pleasant experience. You will truly feel the essence of Big Sur at Ventana. From their amazing camp trails to their luxurious accommodations and amenities, you will spend a lot but only in exchange for a life-changing experience.